Bitchin’ Bell Sleeves & New Wheels


Ah, one of my favorite phrases: “It has bell sleeves.” 🙌🏼 These are everywhere and I should own stock in them. (Well technically I do because I have a shit ton of bell sleeved tops and sweaters). I wore this today to the car dealership with my husband and clearly the sales manager loved my sweater because he gave us a great deal on a new vehicle (thank you bell sleeves). Not that you probably really care about my vehicle history, but I’ve always owed 3-row SUVS and this time I went with no 3rd row! (God I hope my shopping bags fit in it). I LOVE it and the kids were so excited for a “new mommy car” 😄 Also, my husband is so good with wheeling and dealing that I told him if he ever has a career change, he should be a personal vehicle shopper for people lol. Enjoy your night loves! Xoxoxo, Brooke

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