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This photo of me is literally after we got home from a restaurant with our kids, hence why I look semi frazzled 😂 I scored this baby soft sweater from Target the other night. It’s probably the softness sweater I’ve ever owned! I’ve been on a huge ruffle kick lately. They are so popular! This sweater is only in store (I can’t find it online), but I’m linking tons of other similar styles below along with these raw hem jeans that I got at Kohl’s. They are the BOMB! Stretchy, comfy and perfectly distressed!

So, taking small children to a restaurant is like trying to herd pigs with grease on your hands. I’ve created the 6 steps of taking children ages 5 and under to a restaurant:

1) Leave the house with high hopes and dreams of a nice, calm dinner with conversations of how each of your days went.

2) Enter restaurant and realize this was a poor decision after one of your children has asked to go to the bathroom for the 4th time and the other is trying to take food off a stranger’s plate.

3) Take 25 minutes as your children decide what they want to eat. Common phrases used: “I want this”, “No I changed my mind”, “I want dessert first”, “Do they have poop sandwiches here?” (followed by children’s extremely loud laughs).

4) Order and pray no one you know is at the same dinner location. Try to converse with your kids but succumb to whining, talking about farts, yelling how they’re starving and putting each other in a headlock. Give in and throw iPhones at your children so they are distracted.

5) Food comes. Shove yours down your throat while your kids take bites the size of ants and say they aren’t hungry.

6) Scramble out of the joint while the waiter looks at you in disgust and vow to stay home and make Kraft Mac & Cheese the next time you feel the itch to go out for a family dinner.

And there you have it! Enjoy your night sweethearts, I’ll be pouring myself a big ass glass of wine 🍷 Xo, Brooke

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