Mustard Chenille Sweater + Other Winter Wear

Happy Friday ya’ll! The weekend is finally here and if you’re in an area like me where it’s freezing, I hope you are staying warm! It’s supposed to get hotter the next few days (40 degrees, which for Ohio is a heat wave), so I’m looking forward to not wearing 6 layers of clothing! Although, I have to admit that I really love the winter! Oversized sweaters and beanies are my jam.

I’ve really been into bold colors lately to brighten up the nasty weather we’ve been having. I’m sure you can tell from my latest Instagram posts that almost every color of the rainbow goes for me. I was never really a fan of mustard colored clothing until I got this mustard chenille sweater. It’s currently on clearance at Target and can only be bought in-store. But I’m linking lots of other mustard items I’m loving that you can incorporate into your wardrobe. Mustard is a great shade for all seasons! If you’re too afraid to go all out with the yellow and to make sure you don’t look like a walking bottle of Grey Poupon, some fun earrings or a handbag adds just the right pop of color. Plus yellow makes me think of sunshine and I know spring is right around the corner <3 I'm working on lots of new posts for the new year that I can't wait to share. If there is something specific you'd love to see, you can always comment here or shoot me an email or DM on Instagram! I'd love to know what ya'll are wanting to see for the upcoming months. Have a great weekend loves! Xo, Brooke

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