New Jewelry Armoire & My Fav Accessories

On my Instastories a few weeks ago I showed you this Hives and Honey jewelry armoire that I purchased. I had been searching for one for a while. Jewelry armoires can be really pricey. When I came across this one, I loved the style (especially the crystal knobs!).  The price was very reasonable compared to other ones I had been looking it, and I really liked how big the mirror was on this one, which sold me.  I’m such an organizer and I love that my jewelry is all in one place again and not scattered throughout my bedroom!


OK, on to my all my bling. I have always been a jewelry junkie. During high school and part of college I worked at Claire’s and pretty much all of my paychecks went right back there. Eventually my tastes in jewelry changed (meaning got more expensive lol) and I would often frequent our local Kay Jewelers. This was of course all before kids, so when Vinny and Mia came along, those days of diamonds went away.


A great place that I often go to find the perfect jewelry is Charming Charlie. They’re earrings are some of my favorite pieces. This is a good place to go to if you need inexpensive costume jewelry. Some of the necklaces and bracelets I’ve gotten from there tarnished over time, but for the price, you can’t really beat it. One of my all time favorite higher end jewelry is James Michelle. The story behind her jewelry is so amazing and the quality is wonderful. Her stuff has a boho/beach vibe which I love. I wear my JM gold stack rings every day that I purchased online.


A few of my other favorite places to purchase jewelry are The Styled Collection, BaubleBar, MVMT, Nordstrom, Oriana Lamarca (my bead bracelets are all from there) and TJ Maxx often has really cute stuff. I am always wearing big earrings (the bigger the better!) and constantly have a watch on my wrist. I love to stack bracelets with my watches and I just recently got into wearing several rings on one finger. You can wear jewelry so many different ways and it definitely adds so much more to your outfit! Below are some of my must-have pieces that are in my armoire as well as accessories that I have my eye on!


*If there’s anything specific in this post you are looking for, post a comment and I’ll find that exact item for you!





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