Matrix Total Results The Re-Bond Review


For about a month, I’ve been using Matrix’s Total Results The Re-Bond system for my hair. Since, I was a teenager, I honestly never really cared what I put on my hair. I would wash with whatever was in the shower (Suave, Pantene, even Head and Shoulders!). I’ve always had somewhat thick hair that was pretty healthy for the most part. Up until recently, I noticed my hair has become a lot thinner and dry. I’ve mainly stuck with Pantene or Garnier Fructise shampoos and conditions, and also tried Joico products. Nothing really seemed to help my hair get its luster back. Maybe I should chalk it up to getting older lol, but either way, I was really anxious to try this Matrix system.


I’m going to go through my pros and cons with this system. First off, the shampoo and conditioners are not too badly priced. I am guilty of buying whatever was the cheapest in the past (this includes White Rain lol). If I even saw a hair product that was over $5.00 I would cringe. Overtime I realized that things are sometimes pricey for a reason, especially if the quality is great and it’s something that really works. The best part about the price of these is that using a little bit goes a long way. I used to go through bottles and bottles of shampoo and conditioner because my hair was so long and thick. You definitely get more bang for your buck with this system. I really don’t have to use too much to get a good lather. After using it for about 4 weeks, my hair looks shinier and feels a lot healthier.


Some cons to this system. There really isn’t a smell to them. In fact, I can’t really explain the smell. Not chemical-like but just, nothing lol. I love to have my hair smell good. But I did notice after using the system I could smell a very light fresh scent after blow drying my hair (I didn’t use any other products after the system) so maybe it’s just a hidden smell somewhere in there! Also, I felt like the conditioner had a thinner/lighter formula. I’ve always been used to thick conditioners for my hair. Both the pre-conditioner and regular conditioner still washed out good and didn’t make my hair feel heavy or too slick. I did like that the pre-conditioner was a once a week thing.


So all in all, I really did like using this hair system. It was time for me to get something that would help me get my hair back to healthy and I have seen a noticeable difference after using the Matrix Re-Bond System. It comes in a mini kit for anyone who wants to just try it for a few days to see how they like it. I’m linking the whole system as well as the mini kit below. They are all from Ulta and you get a free gift with purchase. You can also get $3.50 off a $15.00 purchase with the code 642971. Happy healthy hair is the best! Xo, Brooke






*I received these products complimentary through Influenster. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.*

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