How I Get A Good Night’s Sleep


I’m changing it up a little bit on the blog today! I thought it would be fun to share with ya’ll how I get a good night’s rest.


When I was in my early 20’s, I often went to bed around 9:30 during the week.ย  As I approached my 30’s, I found myself staying up later and later (maybe it was just being used to getting up all hours of the night with babies that created the night owl in me!). And with my blogging, the only time I can really get much done with two very busy kids is at night. I usually have no problem falling asleep. But some nights, my mind wanders and I think about the million things I have to do the next day and eventually, 2 AM creeps up. So I teamed up with Som Sleep for Better Sleep Month to help achieve that great night’s sleep!


Everything about the Som Sleep drink can be found here on their website. The drink has a ton of benefits to it, including no sugar, gluten free, non gmo and non-habit forming! And it actually tastes really great! I thought for sure it would taste like a Red Bull or Monster drink (and I normally don’t drink any of those things but the few times I have the taste forever stuck in my mind!) The first time I drank the Som Sleep drink, I was asleep within 10 minutes and didn’t wake the ENTIRE night! In my experience, this stuff is the answer to your restless nights ๐Ÿ˜‰


Here are some other things I like to do to get ready for bed:

  1. Power down everything and unplug from technology. This sounds easier said than done! And I admit most nights I’m on my iPhone or computer quite a long time. But I feel that it helps so much to get “unwired” from all the gadgets.
  2. ย Take a bubble bath. I LOVE taking baths. I use a ton of bath bombs and bubbles and it helps me to just relax from the day’s stress. These bath bombs are my current fav!
  3. ย Read a good book. I’m a super avid reader. I love mysteries, documentaries, etc. Reading definitely helps me to slow down and get ready for rest. I just bought this book.
  4. ย Soothing Sounds. I almost always play a beach waves or rain sound from an app on my phone (I use Soundscapes).

Happy sleeping ya’ll! Xo, Brooke


*This post was created on my own from products gifted to me by Som Sleep. All opinions here are 100% mine.

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