Sunshine & Swimsuit Season


Today was SO hot out! We got to spend the day with friends at the lake and it was such a blast! There’s nothing like watching your kids splash around with huge smiles on their faces in the summer sunshine! And also a little mommy downtime to sunbathe ๐Ÿ˜‰


I haven’t bought a swimsuit in a really long time, so I was way overdue for a new one. I’m sure like most people out there, trying to find a good fitting and flattering suit is SO hard. I came across the one I’m wearing on Amazon. I was a little leery of just outright buying it, but since we have Prime and I could easily return it, I added it to my cart.ย  And let me tell you it is so comfortable and chic! I’m obsessed with off the shoulder anything, so of course this was a winner! I also really love the high-waisted look.ย  I’m linking a lot of really unique and fun suits for summer. I’m all about the poms, tassels and ruffles for suits. I just love that extraness ๐Ÿ˜‰


Hope everyone had such a wonderful holiday weekend. I’m so thankfulย  and fortunate to be able to have this time off to enjoy with friends and family. Xo, Brooke










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