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December 2018


Raise your hand if you are currently NOT ready in the gift-giving department like me.  It’s becoming crunch time with Christmas just FOUR days away, and if you’re struggling to find a last minute gift, look no further! Happy Cards are the perfect present for literally anyone and everyone. Each year when Christmas rolls around, I find myself getting the same kinds of gifts for my family and friends. I’m the type that loves to physically go to a store and pick out presents. I have never been a big fan of money or getting a gift card for just one store (we need options ya’ll!). So when I came across Happy Cards, it completely took the guessing out of gift-giving for me! I love how it’s both practical and personal, plus offers a great variety of shopping options for the recipient! 

So if you’re riding the holiday present struggle bus, grab any of the many options Happy Cards has to offer. I am a big fan of the Happy Her (a gift card I can use to buy coffee, chocolate, makeup, AND cute clothing?! Sign me up! They also have custom ones for any of the men in your life, as well as students and kids (even beauty and food ones!). Click the link below to find a Happy Cards retailer near you and make gift-giving easy on yourself so you can sit back and enjoy the rest of the holiday season!ย  Xo, Brooke


This post is sponsored by Happy Cards. All opinions here are 100% my own.


Cozy Sherpa + Last Minute Comfy Gifts






Is anyone else in panic mode that Christmas is only TWELVE days away?! I feel like it snuck up so fast, and I want to hold on to these last less than two weeks and savor as much holiday spirit as I can before Santa arrives! There’s much more that I have to and want to do before the big day, so here’s hoping I can squeeze everything in!


And speaking of more to do, I always start off my shopping super early in the beginning and towards the end of December I realize I still have lots more to buy. I’m sure ya’ll can relate! That’s why I’m doing this last minute comfy gift guide! I broke it down into both Womens and Mens ideas below. Hope this helps you all you porscrastinors like me! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Xo, Brooke