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After weeks and weeks of snow, we finally had a 70 degree day here in Ohio. (And it was also super windy if you can tell by my hair). I took full advantage of it by busting out these adorable pom flats I recently bought. I’m often in heels (mainly booties), but some days it’s nice to just throw on some flat shoes and accomplish your day! These are such a cute pair to transition into spring and the fluffy pom on them is what hooked me! During a Target run earlier today, I had 3 women stop me and tell me how much they loved them. They are currently on sale, and if you’re lucky like me and wear a size 7.5, I found these at the most amazing price on Amazon! I’m linking them below as well as the other sizes, which are still a really good deal. They also come in an adorable pink shade which I just ordered! I’m linking them also, as well as some cute things I’m eyeing up they would go perfect with. Lighter pink is a great way to get into the spring spirit!


A funny side note when I was getting these photos taken – I noticed I was wearing one gold hoop and one silver hoop. Total accessory fail today lol. Xo, Brooke





New Jewelry Armoire & My Fav Accessories

On my Instastories a few weeks ago I showed you this Hives and Honey jewelry armoire that I purchased. I had been searching for one for a while. Jewelry armoires can be really pricey. When I came across this one, I loved the style (especially the crystal knobs!).  The price was very reasonable compared to other ones I had been looking it, and I really liked how big the mirror was on this one, which sold me.  I’m such an organizer and I love that my jewelry is all in one place again and not scattered throughout my bedroom!


OK, on to my all my bling. I have always been a jewelry junkie. During high school and part of college I worked at Claire’s and pretty much all of my paychecks went right back there. Eventually my tastes in jewelry changed (meaning got more expensive lol) and I would often frequent our local Kay Jewelers. This was of course all before kids, so when Vinny and Mia came along, those days of diamonds went away.


A great place that I often go to find the perfect jewelry is Charming Charlie. They’re earrings are some of my favorite pieces. This is a good place to go to if you need inexpensive costume jewelry. Some of the necklaces and bracelets I’ve gotten from there tarnished over time, but for the price, you can’t really beat it. One of my all time favorite higher end jewelry is James Michelle. The story behind her jewelry is so amazing and the quality is wonderful. Her stuff has a boho/beach vibe which I love. I wear my JM gold stack rings every day that I purchased online.


A few of my other favorite places to purchase jewelry are The Styled Collection, BaubleBar, MVMT, Nordstrom, Oriana Lamarca (my bead bracelets are all from there) and TJ Maxx often has really cute stuff. I am always wearing big earrings (the bigger the better!) and constantly have a watch on my wrist. I love to stack bracelets with my watches and I just recently got into wearing several rings on one finger. You can wear jewelry so many different ways and it definitely adds so much more to your outfit! Below are some of my must-have pieces that are in my armoire as well as accessories that I have my eye on!


*If there’s anything specific in this post you are looking for, post a comment and I’ll find that exact item for you!






Yellow Sweater, New Hat & More Snow

This past week I headed to the mall to find some spring fashion inspiration. The weather here in Ohio has been so brutal the past month. Of course when I left the mall I had 6 more sweaters to add to my closet. I didn’t find a ton of spring stuff out yet and with it still being so cold, I figured I should take advantage of all the winter sales!


This yellow sweater was one that I snatched up from H&M. I’ve been living in turtleneck sweaters for the last two weeks and when I saw this one I knew I had to have it. I’ve always really loved mustard tops (mostly because they go well with my extremely pale skin!). Besides the yellow sweater, I also picked up this Free People hat. I have so many hats like this, but all in dark shades (brown, black, charcoal). I was so excited to find a lighter shade for spring at a great price point. Free People tends to be expensive, so when I saw the price tag I knew it had to come home with me! I also shared on my Insta Stories yesterday a Free People sweater I recently got from Macy’s for an awesome price too.


This weekend we are supposed to get even more snow. I actually really love winter (usually up until mid-January lol), but it’s so hard to leave the house. We are venturing downtown tonight where it will be even colder since it’s closer to the lake. I may have to go full blown eskimo!


Hope ya’ll have a wonderful weekend and are doing something extra fun!





Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Fellas


1. MVMT WATCH – Ya’ll knew this was gonna be on here! Gold and black watches are so sleek. I would even get this one for myself to wear!

2. NIKE FLEX SNEAKERS – These are the perfect color combo to match your man’s wardrobe and they’re on super      sale!

3. CREDIT CARD TOOL – This is the coolest thing! Just the right size to fit in a wallet and whip out whenever needed.

4.  HEATED MASSAGE PILLOW – What man wouldn’t want this? Working as a fireman makes for a long 24 hour shift for Pete so this is perfect for him to come home to!

5.DOLCE & GABBANA COLOGNE – This cologne smells sooooo good. It has a woodsy scent without being too powerful.

6. ART OF SHAVING KIT – Always a great gift idea for the men. Art of Shaving kits are really popular and smell amazing.

7. GOOGLE VOICE SPEAKER – Guys always love tech stuff (at least Pete does). This one is on sale for 20% off and has so many features!





Red Sweater + Casual Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I’ve been wearing this red sweater and beanie combo a ton lately. The weeks before Valentine’s Day is the only time you’ll usually ever see me in red. It can be such a tricky color for people to pull off, especially when you’re as pale as me (think vampire). But when I wear it, you can definitely see me coming a mile away! Clearly from these photos, I’ll need to invest in some really good self-tanner in the next few months so if you have any suggestions, let me know!


Ok, back to my outfit. H&M is almost always my go-to store for over-sized sweaters at great prices. Usually after Christmas I stock up there because they have really awesome deals. This red sweater is only $12.99! I snagged a ton of sweaters when I went a few weeks ago because we still have so much winter left. And I’m embarrassed to say, but I wear these jeans at least 2-3 times a week (which you can probably already tell from all my photos that these are the exact same ones in almost every pic over and over). When you find the right kind of jeans, you can’t help but wear the crap out of them! I’ve had several people ask me what brand and where to buy. When they bought a pair for themselves, they raved about them! I have them linked below.


I’m also sharing lots of other adorable casual sweaters that are perfect for February 14th. Our Valentine’s Day is usually an indoor, pizza and comfy clothes kind of evening, but I’m hoping (hint, hint Pete) that we can make it to a fancy dinner this year! Do you like to dress up or stay in in sweats? Comment and let me know your ideal Valentine’s Day!

Photos: State of The Heart Photography