33 Things I’ve Learned in my 33 Years of Life

Today, I’m officially 33 years old. I remember being in my early 20’s thinking about how one day I’d approach 30 and how “old” I’d be. But truth be told, I’m loving my 30’s even more than my 20’s! So tonight, I’m sharing 33 things I’ve learned over my life span so far.


  1. Every year you celebrate a birthday, be thankful. It means you’ve had another year of life.
  2. It’s not okay to wear socks with sandals. EVER. (Especially as you reach age 33).
  3. Being rude is ugly. Don’t be ugly.
  4. Always check to make sure there’s toilet paper on the roll before you go.
  5. It’s okay to complain and vent. But don’t make it a habit.
  6. Being kind is the best quality you can have. Spread it around like wildfire.
  7. If you’re 5’8” like me, wear the damn 4-inch heels.
  8. NEVER be afraid to say you need help. I’ve learned to ask for it when I need it the most.
  9. Don’t feel like you need to agree with everyone. Some of my best conversations with family and friends have been about topics we disagree on.
  10. If you have kids, stop and play with them. Too often I’m running around like a headless chicken trying to do everything at once. Some days it’s best to put that stuff on the back burner and be with your little ones. They grow so freaking fast.
  11. Don’t let negative people suck the life out of you. I’ve had several toxic relationships in my life and they just aren’t worth the energy lost.
  12. Use your damn manners (please).
  13. No one has it figured out. Life, parenting, relationships, laundry, that stupid Rubik’s cube.
  14. Don’t heat up a paper Starbucks cup. (I learned this lesson the hard way).
  15. Social media is not real life. I post these amazing photos on my blog but behind the scenes, I may be tired, just had a fight with my husband, or at my wits end with my kids.
  16. Just say no. If you don’t wanna, you don’t wanna. Don’t be afraid to say it.
  17. Leggings CAN be pants if you want them to be. Just make sure they aren’t tissue paper material and your hot pink underwear isn’t glowing through.
  18. LEGOS are the devil.
  19. Part of you will grow and change, and you may outgrow certain people. And that’s okay.
  20. Grab a book instead of your iPhone and see what a difference it can make.
  21. Always check the expiration date. (Also learned this the hard way).
  22. Be a good tipper.
  23. Your metabolism turns to crap when you enter your 30’s. Eating healthier is a must (unless it’s your birthday of course).
  24. Don’t hold grudges. Learn to let go and move on.
  25. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Don’t end up like a sheet of sandpaper. It’s so important for your skin to stay hydrated as you get older!
  26. Call your parents. You’re getting older, and so are they.
  27. When some is talking, L-I-S-T-E-N. Engage. Make eye contact. Show them what they are saying is important and you value their conversation.
  28. It’s okay to just stay at home and do nothing. Don’t feel like you constantly have to keep yourself or your kids occupied. It’s good to be bored sometimes.
  29. If you’re husband asks if something you’re wearing is new, deny, deny, deny.
  30. Don’t give a damn about what other people think. Not now, not ever.
  31. Lick.The.Spoon.
  32. Say I love you every chance you get.





Vionic Shoe Store Visit at Crocker Park



About a week ago, I got the chance to go to the new Vionic by Lucky Shoes store at Crocker Park in Westlake. I’ve heard of the Vionic brand before, but never actually stepped foot inside one (literally) or worn any of their shoes. This is only the second store they’ve opened in the United States. The first one was also opened in Ohio close to my hometown!


So, I have to admit, I was a little sticker shocked when I first researched the Vionic brand. I pride myself on finding shoes for super cheap and have never really spent over $50 for any of my footwear, unless it was a gift from someone.  However, they are cheaper for a reason! After trying the Vionic shoes on at the new store in  Crocker Park, I quickly learned they are worth EVERY cent!  Vionic shoes are considered “orthopedic” shoes. And I’m sure like most of you, that word may mean more comfort and less style. But that’s not the case with the Vionic  shoe brand.  There were a lot of trendy sandals for summer and even high heeled ones, which I’m a huge fan of! Vionic shoes are podiatrist designed and have Orthaheel orthotic technology, which promotes natural alignment from the ground up. And let me tell you, I immediately noticed the difference. It was like walking on a cloud! The store has so many cute styles. I ended up leaving with two pairs (and I know I’ll end up with more!).


There is a special Grand Opening celebration for Vionic Flip-Flop Day Saturday, June 16th . Come join me and Vionic on-air personality Liam Bourke at the exclusive meet and greet event at the Vionic Store in Crocker Park.  The first 50 guests will receive a Vionic Swag Bag and everyone will get a premium gift with purchase! Plus, Enter to Win a FREE pair of Vionic Flip-Flops! Let’s go shoe shopping together! Xo, Brooke




This post is sponsored by Vionic. Shoes. All opinions are 100% my own. 


All Things Yellow + Personal Summer List

Photos: State of the Heart Photography


Hope you all had a great weekend! Mia had her first ever dance recital and if you watched my Insta stories you saw just how proud we are of her! I’m so excited that it’s June already because we have lots of fun things planned for this month. Which actually got me thinking, what are some personal things I would like to achieve or do this summer? So I created a list to share with you all to inspire you to have a truly tremendous summer!


  1. Walk/hike more outside. A lot of people assume that I’d rather be in a mall than outside (and most of the time that may be true lol). But I’m also an outdoor, creek exploring, fishing, bonfire kind of girl. We have lots of pretty national parks and lots of places in Ohio for exploring.
  2. Cook more. I admit that I’m a mediocre cook and don’t like to be in the kitchen (unless I’m drinking wine). My husband is Italian and pretty much the cook in our family, but I want to try to make it a habit to prepare some new summer meals! If you have any good ones, send em my way 😉
  3. Read at least 3 books. I LOVE reading and lately, I just haven’t had time. It’s my goal to read one book a month this summer!
  4. Visit 2 or 3 new places a month. Ya’ll know I’m a fan of random spontaneous trips to places I’ve never been (within a 1-2 hour limit of course with kids lol).
  5. Learn how a car works. This one is so random lol, but I’ve always wanted to learn about car parts and what does what under the hood!
  6. Listen to podcasts. So many people I know rave about listening to them and I want to try to find some true crime ones. Comment with any that you really love on my latest Instagram post!
  7. Do more random acts of kindness. This one is always a given <3
  8. Less technology and more focus on family. It’s a digital world and it’s so important to unplug, look up and be in the moment!
  9. Create more inspiring posts for ya’ll! 🙂


What are some personal goals you have for this summer? I’d love to hear about them!  Xo, Brooke







My Favorite Sunmer Maxi Dresses



Welcome to Friday Eve ya’ll! It’s been a great first week off of school with Vinny and Mia. We’ve had some amazing weather and very fun adventures so far. I’m looking forward to having my Tuesdays and Thursdays off with them this summer so we can complete our Summer Bucket List (which I talked about in THIS post). I’d love to know what some of your favorite things to do in the summer are! Comment and let me know, I’d love to hear from you!


With the weather heating up, one of my favorite go-to outfits for summer are maxi dresses. These can literally be worn any way. Casual, date night, swim-suit cover up, lightweight blanket…you name it, the maxi has you covered 😉 On the blog for tonight I’ve got all the ones I think are extremely fabulous for the summer season! Floral is always so pretty but I’m really into the striped ones! Hope ya’ll had a wonderful Thursday! Xo, Brooke














Sunshine & Swimsuit Season


Today was SO hot out! We got to spend the day with friends at the lake and it was such a blast! There’s nothing like watching your kids splash around with huge smiles on their faces in the summer sunshine! And also a little mommy downtime to sunbathe 😉


I haven’t bought a swimsuit in a really long time, so I was way overdue for a new one. I’m sure like most people out there, trying to find a good fitting and flattering suit is SO hard. I came across the one I’m wearing on Amazon. I was a little leery of just outright buying it, but since we have Prime and I could easily return it, I added it to my cart.  And let me tell you it is so comfortable and chic! I’m obsessed with off the shoulder anything, so of course this was a winner! I also really love the high-waisted look.  I’m linking a lot of really unique and fun suits for summer. I’m all about the poms, tassels and ruffles for suits. I just love that extraness 😉


Hope everyone had such a wonderful holiday weekend. I’m so thankful  and fortunate to be able to have this time off to enjoy with friends and family. Xo, Brooke